The Swan Sings Pecksniffiana

In October 2008 I created this blog and a twitter account, both called "Pecksniffiana." I borrowed the title from the great American poet Wallace Stevens, who adapted it from Pecksniff, a character created by Charles Dickens.

While there is some debate in the literary world about the meaning of Pecksniffiana, to me it is as clear as anything derived from poetry can possibly be: Pecksniffiana is a time, place or sense of great hypocrisy.

Nothing has changed, but today my twitter handle becomes "ChuckThies."

Will this blog continue?

Not really, but some day I will transfer the archives to a new web project where Pecksniffiana will not be forgotten.

Chuck Thies

I apply myself to advocacy, politics, communications, public relations and event production. I am also skilled in numerous construction trades.

Optimism keeps my skepticism in check.
Or is it the other way around?